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Reading, Cornelia Street Café, New York City, 8/18/16.
Reading, Westbeth Artists' Residence, 5/5/16.
Reading, Cornelia Street Café, New York City, 11/18/15.
Interview Online @, 6/5/13.
Reading, Epiphany Branch, New York Public Library, 4/20/2013.
Reading, Westbeth Artists' Residence, 1/27/2012.
Reading, The MacDowell Artists' Colony, 10/27/10.
Reading, Westbeth Artists' Community, 6/5/07.
Radio Inteview: Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence: Transcending Mental Illness, 4/11/07 (recorded on this Website).
Reading & signing, Penn State Berks, Reading, PA, 3/29/06.
Reading, signing & discussion on AWP panel,"Writers Defying Diagnosis," Austin, TX, 3/11/06.
Audio interview for Psychjourney Book Club, 9/13/05 (recorded on this Website).
University Book & Supply, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Reading/Signing, 4/21/05.
Mental Health Unit, Allen Memorial Hospital, Waterloo, Iowa, Reading/Q & A, 4/20/05.
Hunter College School of Social Work, Reading/Workshop 3/31/04.
Utica College of Syracuse University,
Utica, New York, 4/10/02.
Jefferson Market Branch, New York Public Library, 1/12/02.
The Donnell Library Center, 12/12/01,
New York City.
Marymount Manhattan College, New York City, 10/23/01.
Riverside Branch, New York Public Library, 10/18/01.
Bought Again Books, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 10/3/01.
Live From Prairie Lights, reading and Q & A, Prairie Lights Books, Iowa City, Iowa, 10/2/01.
Interview on Iowa Talks, WSUI Public Radio, Iowa City, Iowa, 10/2/01.
Barnes & Noble, Booksellers, New York City, 7/17/01.
St. Agnes Branch, New York Public Library, 6/21/01.
Epiphany Branch, New York Public Library, 6/9/01.
Interview with Leonard Lopate, New York & Company, National Public Radio, WNYC, 6/7/01 (recorded on this Website).
Mid-Manhattan Branch, New York Public Library, 5/17/01.


Excerpt from DELUSION OF GRANDEUR & poems from COLLOQUY, The Church of St. Paul the Apostle, 4/24/17.
Book-launch of novel A WARSAW CHRONICLE, co-winner of Miriam Chaikin Writing Award, Westbeth Artists' Community, 4/12/17.
Book-launch, A WARSAW CHRONICLE, Cornelia Street Café, NYC, 3/28/17.
Poems from COLLOQUY, Cornelia Street Café, NYC, 8/16/16.
Excerpts from DELUSION OF GRANDEUR, Cornelia Street Café, NYC, 6/1/16.
Poems from COLLOQUY, Book Culture Bookstore, NYC, 4/12/16.
Utica College, excerpts from A WARSAW CHRONICLE & COLLOQUY, 3/23/16.
Westbeth Artists' Community, excerpts from novel A WARSAW CHRONICLE, and poetry collection, COLLOQUY, 12/3/15.
KGB Bar, NYC, excerpts from A WARSAW CHRONICLE, 11/11/15.
Poems from COLLOQUY, Church of St. Paul the Apostle, NYC, 10/19/15.
Guest poet at PEN Women's Literary Workshop's annual reading, 9/28/15.
Poems from COLLOQUY, KGB Bar, New York, 9/9/15.
Guest poet at PEN Women's Literary Workshop's annual reading,
Poems from SPINSTER BY THE SEA, The Church of St. Paul the Apostle, 4/19/12.
"Last Evening at Pitzer's," a story, Westbeth Artists' Community, 11/13/08.
THE PLAYGROUND, a novel-in-progress, Westbeth Artists' Community, 11/15/07.
Poetry: Reading and signing, Utica College of Syracuse University, 9/27/06.
Poetry: Reading & signing, Penn State Berks, 3/29/06.
Poetry: Mid-Manhattan Branch, NYPL, 2/28/06.
Poetry: The Writer's Voice Visiting Author Series, YMCA, 2/24/06.
Barnes& Noble December, 2005 "Featured Poet"; reading from SPINSTER BY THE SEA at Greenwich Village Store: 12/2/05.
Poetry: University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 4/19/05.
Fiction & Poetry: Westbeth Artists' Community, 1/20/00.
Mid-Manhattan Branch, NYPL, 10/29/97.
PEN American Center, 9/99, 9/98, 9/22/97.
Hudson Park Branch, NYPL, 12/16/93.
St. George Branch, NYPL, 6/12/93.
Jefferson Market Branch, NYPL, 3/10/93.
96th Street Branch, NYPL, 3/1/93.
Baychester Branch, NYPL, 2/8/92.
Mid-Manhattan Branch, NYPL, 11/4/91.
Utica College of Syracuse University, 10/23/91.
Plays: Writers' Theatre's staged reading of my play MARTHA with Anne Meara as Martha Mitchell, 10/22/90.
Fiction & Poetry: Mid-Manhattan Branch, NYPL, 9/11/90.
City College of CUNY: 5/9/90; 4/26/91; 5/13/92; 4/16/93; 5/6/94; 5/5/95; 5/17/96, 5/15/98; 5/11/12, 5/10/13.
A song cycle of my poems, "Child of the Ravenhair," "Song," "Pastoral," "The Parting of Birds," & "Poem at Sunrise," in concert by Memphis Chamber Symphony Orchestra, 4/19/90.
Mid-Manhattan Branch, NYPL, 12/12/89.
Interviews: Lewis Burke Frumkes Show, WNWK FM, Radio, N.Y., 10/17/89.
Ruth Jacobs Show, WEVD Radio, N.Y. , 6/21/ 89.


Interview on Radio Blue Danube, Vienna, 4/30/89.
Reading from my novella, CLARA KLEINSCHMIDT, University of Vienna, English American Inst., 4/11/89.


The Donnell Branch, NYPL, 4/4/89.
Baychester Branch, NYPL, 3/11/89.
State University of New York, Cobleskill, 3/2/89.
Epiphany Branch, NYPL, 2/6/89.
Actors' staged reading of my play, CANTERGATE, Writers' Theatre, New York City, 4/28 & 29, '88; also 5/12/87, & 11/2/87.
Utica College of Syracuse University, 10/27 & 28, '87.
Schoharie County Arts Council, Cobleskill, N. Y., 12/7/85.
The Donnell Library, New York City, 11/7/85.
Cortelyou Branch, Brooklyn Public Library, 10/17/85.
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, 2/16/85.
Poetry Society of America, Spotlight Series, 3/28/84.
The Donnell Library, 2/15/83.
The City College of CUNY, 12/17/82.


The University of Vienna, 11/30/82.
Shakespeare & Co. of Vienna, 11/26/82.
Blue Danube Radio of Vienna, 12/7/82.
Wroclaw University, Wroclaw, Poland, 3/25/82.
Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland, 2/25/82.
Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland, 11/11/81 & 11/18/81.


Randolph Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va., 6/24/81.
Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas, 4/9/81.
Michigan State University at East Lansing, 5/7/81.
State University of New York, Cobleskill, 4/16 & 4/17, 1980.
Utica College of Syracuse University, 4/15/80.
City College of CUNY, 12/12/79.
Masterworks Laboratory Theatre, 12/9/79.
New Letters On The Air, KCUR FM, Kansas City, Mo., 1978.
The MacDowell Colony, 6/76 & 7/76; 6/77 & 7/77; 7/78.
The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1978.
Scripps College, Claremont, Calif., 1977.
New York University, 1976.
WNYC Radio, 1976.
WBAI Radio, 1976.
The University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1976.
Colby College, Waterville, Maine, 1975.
The Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York, 1975.
Utica College of Syracuse University, 1974.
Kirkland College, Clinton, New York, 1973.
The University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, 1972.
Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, 1969.
The City College of CUNY, 1969.
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1969.
The City College of CUNY, 1968.
Queens College of CUNY, 1968.


Utica College Creative Writing Grant, 1974: summer stipend.
Utica College Creative Writing Grant, 1975: summer stipend.
Residence at the MacDowell Colony, 6/76-7/76; 6/77-7/77; 6/78; 9/2010-11/2010.
Grant-in-Aid from The Wisconsin Arts Board for my novel in progress, THREE BLIND MICE, 1976-77.
Residence at The Millay Colony for the Arts, 8/77 & 9/85.
Creative Writing Grant from The University of Kansas' Research Fund for completion of THREE BLIND MICE, 1978.
Residencies at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts: 5/83 & 6/83; 12/83 & 1/84; 7/84 & 8/84; 1/85-3/85; 11/99-12/99.; 8/27/01-9/10/01; 11/17/03-12/28/03; 4/22/05-5/22/05.
Residence at The Edward Albee Foundation, 6/84.
New York State Council on the Arts PEN/AMERICAN FUND for development of my play, REMEMBER MARTHA, 6/85.
McGraw-Hill nomination of my manuscript of novellas, STILL LIFES, for Editors' Book Award Pushcart Prize, 8/86.
1986 KANSAS QUARTERLY SEATON AWARD for poems: "Letter to a Gay Artist..." & "Fantasy in a Floating Café..."
McGraw-Hill nomination of my novel, THREE BLIND MICE, for Editors' Book Award Pushcart Prize, 1987.
My play, CANTERGATE (revision of REMEMBER MARTHA), nominated by Writers' Theatre for Fund For New American Plays, 1988.
HarperCollins nomination of my novel, A WARSAW CHRONICLE, for Editors' Book Award Pushcart Prize, 1993-4.
My play MARTHA: a finalist in the 2nd Annual John Gassner New Play Festival, Stony Brook, NY, 2004.
BIG RIVER POETRY REVIEW'S May 2013 Poem of the Month Award for "The Isolation Room." (See The poem was nominated by the publisher for the 2013 Pushcart Prize.
Miriam Chaikin Writing Award for my novel A WARSAW CHRONICLE, February, 2017.


Associate Professor of English, The University of Kansas, 1980-84.
Visiting Professor of English and American Literature, Warsaw University, Poland, 1981-82.
Assistant Professor of English, The University of Kansas, 1977-80.
Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing, The University of Wisconsin/ Madison, 1/76-5/77.
Instructor of Creative Writing for Theatre Artists, New York University, 9/75-1/76.
Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Elements of Acting, and Freshman English, Utica College of Syracuse University, 1972-75.
Instructor of The Short Novel, Argument, Freshman English, The University of Northern Iowa, 1971-72.
Tenured at the rank of Associate Professor of English at the University of Kansas in 1980, I resigned my tenure in 1984 to write full time.