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THREE BLIND MICE: Two Short Novels, received the McGraw-Hill nomination for the 1987-88 Editors' Book Award Pushcart Prize.


CLARA KLEINSCHMIDT: A former comedian with the Yiddish Theatre takes the reader on an intimate journey through memories recalled against the backdrop of New York's 1920s.


THREE BLIND MICE: Into the story of widower Henry's obsessive love for his daughter Elise steps the wanton stranger Mada, who destroys their bond from interested motives, yet performs an excellent service.




"At a time when so many women writers are producing books which rely heavily on the implicit innocence of a child narrator to gain the empathy of the reader, it is indeed a pleasure to come across a book with adult female narrators who are not only responsible for their own actions, but worldly, witty, satiric, and sharp as razors...The bold intensity and intelligence of Hebald's work is undeniably captivating...These two novellas, CLARA KLEINSCHMIDT and THREE BLIND MICE make a quirky, lean, rapid-fire book."


From Laura Hendrie, NEW LETTERS REVIEW OF BOOKS, Autumn, 1989.


About CLARA KLEINSCHMIDT: "With a decided talent for description and a natural ear for dialogue, in a few brief phrases Hebald sparks to life human characteristics which lesser writers might take a page or two to encapsulate. Because of Clara's sense of humor and propensity for comic situations, the novella clips along easily shifting between intellect and the heart, desire and denial...CLARA KLEINSCHMIDT is well-crafted, masterly, and a delight to read."


About THREE BLIND MICE: "In this salient and provocative menage a trois Hebald creates an undertone of spiritual angst kafkaesque in intensity."


from Julia Older, CONFRONTATION, Fall 1990/Winter 1991.


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